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Frank Luntz Asks Focus Group Who Won the Debate — Members Overwhelmingly Select One Candidate


"So tell me ... who won the debate?"

Republican pollster Frank Luntz asked a Texas focus group who won Thursday's GOP debate — and the members overwhelmingly selected one candidate.

"So tell me ... who won the debate?" Luntz asked his group.

The group, almost in total unison, answered "Rubio." According to Luntz, 16 of the 23 participants chose Florida senator as the clear winner in the debate.

Participants dubbed Rubio as "knowledgeable about the issues" and "charming."

"He zinged [Donald] Trump several times," one person said.

"He didn't seem like a mechanical robot, like he usually does when he comes on," another echoed. "This time he was more personable, you know it was snap snap snap, it wasn't something he memorized. It didn't appear that way."

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