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Cooper Confronts Trump: Steaks on Display at News Conference 'Aren't Actually Trump Steaks, Right?


"That business is gone?"

CNN host Anderson Cooper confronted Donald Trump Wednesday over allegations that the steaks he had on display at his Super Tuesday Two news conference weren't actually Trump Steaks.

"The steaks you showed, those aren't actually Trump Steaks, right?" Cooper asked the billionaire in a sit-down interview.

"No, no — I buy them. I'm not going to kill the cow!" Trump shot back.

"They are not sold," Cooper said. "The whole reason for showing those things was to fight back to what Mitt Romney said."

Trump interjected.

"Just so you understand. Trump Steaks. We sell the steaks through my clubs," the real estate mogul said. "I have many clubs and hotels."

"But they are not sold at Sharper Image. They are not available to the public at large," Cooper pressed. "That business is gone?"

"No, no. It's the same thing," Trump insisted. "It's an offshoot of it. We do a tremendous steak business."

The steaks that were on display at Trump's news conference were from Bush Brothers, a business that counts Trump affiliated properties among its customers, the company owner told Bloomberg. Trump Steaks, however, are no longer available from the Sharper Image.

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