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Watch: President Obama Jokes About Trump Steaks at Fundraiser


"Has anybody tried that wine? How good can that wine be?"

President Barack Obama spoke at a Democratic fundraiser Saturday in Austin, Texas. The president devoted a portion of his speech to Republican front-runner Donald Trump, mocking the presidential candidate for using his Super Tuesday 2 success as an opportunity to plug his various obscure-yet-successful business ventures.

"I mean, imagine what Trump would say if he actually had a record like this," Obama told a cheering crowd. "Instead of ... instead of ... instead of selling steaks."

"Has anybody tried that wine?" he continued. "How good can that wine be?"

The president referred to Trump's talk of his business ventures as "fantasy" and "school yard talks," and asserted that instead of trying to reverse the progress we have made as a country, the next president needs to build on it.

"So here's the truth. Look it up: America's pretty darn great right now," he said. "America's moving forward right now. The American people should be proud of what we've achieved together right now."


(H/T: CNN)

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