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Harry Reid Is Asked How He Feels About Cruz — and the Liberal Senator Actually Offers Some Praise


"What are your thoughts on Ted Cruz?"

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) offered some praise for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) during a question and answer session Thursday, saying that while he doesn't agree with much of what the Republican presidential contender says he admires his devotion to principle.

"What are your thoughts on Ted Cruz?" Reid was asked at an event hosted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

"As I have been in public service — Jim DeMint, I disagreed with him on everything politically. But I always appreciated Jim DeMint for not hiding who he was," Reid replied. "He told everybody how he felt. It was no surprise. He wrote a book talking about what he wanted to be."

[sharequote align="right"]"And I have to say this about Cruz: He at least has some principles"[/sharequote]

"And I have to say this about Cruz: He at least has some principles," Reid continued. "I don't like what he stands for, but he at least stands for something. Very little of what I agree with."

"So I'm not as turned off by Cruz because he at least stands for something," the Nevada senator added. "Trump stands for nothing. And that's why I was so upset for Rubio. He didn't stand for anything!"

Asked about the impact a Donald Trump nomination would have on the Senate landscape, Reid told a joke to slam the GOP front-runner.

"My staff told me not to say this, but I can't resist," he said. "You know, he may be right about the Mexicans building a wall themselves. Because if he is elected, they'll build one to keep us from going into Mexico. They'll be happy to do that."

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