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Priebus Rejects Notion That 2012 Rules Committee Should Write Rules for 2016 Convention


"That's really simple to me.​"

Image source: YouTube

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning and discussed the Republican presidential convention.

Image source: YouTube

Priebus told CNN’s Dana Bash that he rejects the notion that the 2012 rules committee should write the rules for the 2016 convention. He then laid out why the rules for 2016 will instead be written by the 2016 Convention Rules Committee:

There are always risks to every decision that you make. But there will always be a perception problem if people continue to miss — to not explain the process properly. So, the 2012 rules committee writes the rules for the 2012 convention. The 2016 rules committee writes the rules for the 2016 convention.

Are you trying to say that the rules committee that was made up of Romney delegates should write — should enforce the rules for the 2016 convention, which will largely be made up of Trump/Cruz delegates? I mean, that wouldn't make any sense, would it? I mean, that's what I don't understand.

This is very simple. The delegates get elected. The delegates fill the slots on these different committees, and there's many committees - there's platform rules, credentials. Those delegates make the decisions on the governance of the convention that they're a part of. That's really simple to me.​


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