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Fireworks Go Off When Radio Host Goes After Trump Spokeswoman Over Nat’l Enquirer Story: ‘Your Name Was in That Story’


"This is the trashiest thing, I've seen."

Radio host Ben Ferguson engaged in a heated debate Monday with Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson over recent attacks launched on Heidi Cruz and a salacious National Enquirer story alleging Ted Cruz had multiple extramarital affairs.

"Let's be clear about this," Ferguson said, discussing an anti-Trump PAC's $300 Instagram campaign featuring a nude GQ photo of Melania Trump. "You have Donald Trump's campaign saying that Ted Cruz bought a picture from GQ. ... And saying they then handed it to a super PAC."

Ferguson, who has endorsed Cruz, said there are "no facts that back up that any picture was bought" and called the allegation a "pathological lie by Donald Trump's campaign."

Pierson shifted the discussion away from the ad, contending Cruz alleged Trump was behind the recent National Enquirer story. A story in The Daily Beast suggested the rumors had actually sprung from Sen. Marco Rubio's (R-Fla.) campaign.

"Where are your facts there?" she challenged Ferguson.

"Katrina, I don't know why you don't have any scruples to these types of stories. Your name was in that story. The fact that you're willing to use this to the advantage of your campaign and put your own name through the mud — which you have also said, this story is factually incorrect. This is the trashiest thing, I've seen," Ferguson said.

"With regards to me," Pierson fired back. "With regards to me."

Ferguson alleged that Pierson's name was in the story "to make it look like somehow Donald Trump campaign was not connected to this."

"You guys are connected," he said.

Pierson said she was named in the story as a mistress of Cruz because "the establishment" doesn't want her campaigning for Trump.

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