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Three First-Grade Girls in Alaska Suspended for Alleged Plot to Murder Fellow Student



Image source: KTUU-TV

Three first-grade students at a charter school in Alaska have been suspended after school administrators foiled an alleged plot to poison and kill a fellow classmate.

The three young girls at Winterberry Charter School in Anchorage, according to authorities, had planned to spike the alleged victim's lunch with a silica gel packet. The gel packets are commonly found in medicine bottles and pre-packaged foods and are used to thwart unwanted moisture. The packets are generally believed to be non-toxic, however, the young girls believed they were poisonous, police said.

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Police decided to not charge the young girls with a crime, but they have been suspended from school. The Associated Press reported that authorities are largely leaving the girls' discipline up to the school district.

The alleged plot was uncovered after another student claimed to overhear the girls discussing the idea. That student then alerted school administrators.

"We're grateful that that student was able to speak up and obviously at such a young age," Anchorage Police spokeswoman Jennifer Castro told KTUU-TV. "The important lesson here is to really teach your kids if they hear something like this, something where someone intends to do harm to someone else, they should tell someone that they trust right away."

Parents were notified of the incident in an email sent on Tuesday, which stated, "Three students in the class were planning on using the silica gel packets (these are not actually poison, but the students believed they were) from their lunchtime seaweed to poison and kill another student."

The plot stemmed from an ongoing feud between the students, authorities said.

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