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MSNBC Hosts Mock Clinton's Efforts to Make Sure 'Nobody Sees the Debate


"Why do her people think she's such a bad debater they have to hide her?"

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Early Monday, MSNBC's Morning Joe speculated about why Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton cannot agree on a date to debate before the delegate-rich New York State primary on April 19.

Mika Brzezinski appeared to mock the Clinton campaign when she laid out Clinton's debate date choices to the panel: "She wants it like in the morning -- tomorrow, or during the NCAA, or during a rally that [Sanders] has a permit for where he'll have like 80,000 people and he'll make her look really bad...so she's proposing all these dates that would block that," Brzezinski said.

Joe Scarborough thought his co-host was kidding.

"Oh, I was actually gonna joke," was Scarborough's reaction.

Regular panelist John Heinemann confirmed that the Clinton campaign did offer to hold the debate on a local New York cable channel during Monday's college basketball championship game. "I believe they were proposing to have the debate on New York One on the night of the finals," Heinemann added.

"Why do her people think she's such a bad debater they've got to hide her? I don't understand that," Scarborough wondered.

Clinton supporter and former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., rushed to Clinton's defense and responded to Scarborough's statement saying, "I think she's a very good debater...I'm not a part of the negotiations, but I'd love to see her in prime time."

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