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Watch Clinton Laugh As New York Governor Openly Mocks Trump


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) brought his best Donald Trump impression to a rally at which Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton spoke on Monday afternoon.

"It's going to make the Great Wall of China look like a curb," said Cuomo, using his best Trump voice. "Its going to be so big. Its going to be a good looking wall. Its going to be a handsome wall."

Clinton sitting the right of the governor, did not attempt to contain her laughter and later took a swing at the GOP frontrunner in her own speech to the crowd.

"Donald Trump has said wages are too high," said Clinton. "A lot of members of his party agree with him."

The remark was met with boos.

Both Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are campaigning furiously in New York in preparation for the April 19, primary.

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