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Mom Unleashes Fury After Spanish Teacher Sends Children Home With This 'Privilege' Assignment


"You're here to teach my child a foreign language, not anything else."

Image source: Facebook

The mother of a Tampa, Florida, seventh-grader is speaking out after finding an assignment given to her 12-year-old daughter and other students in Spanish class at Monroe Junior High.

The form asked, "How much privilege do you have? Circle the boxes that apply to you."

The categories on the form listed "Race," "Skin Color," "Religion," "Sex," "Gender," "Sexual Orientation" and "Disability."

The options under gender included, "cisgendered," "transgendered" or "genderqueer."

Image source: Facebook

Gina Stiles, the mother of one student in the class, was disturbed by the assignment and posted it on her Facebook page, asking, "If your child came home and told you that their teacher gave them this to fill out, what would you do?"

She told WTSP-TV that her daughter is only 12 years old and doesn't even know many of the terms listed on the sheet.

After Stiles voiced her objection to the assignment on social media, she and a group of other parents met with Monroe Junior High Principal Pete Magara.

Following the meeting, the school district removed the teacher from the classroom and has opened an investigation into the matter.

Tanya Arja, the spokesperson for the Hillsborough County School District, told TheBlaze that the "lesson was a teacher-generated assignment without district approval."

"We expect our teachers to provide a safe environment and this assignment could compromise that environment," Arja told TheBlaze.

The unnamed teacher behind the assignment told local media the exercise was meant to teach students about "diversity" and "inequality."

When Stiles heard the teacher's explanation she told WTSP-TV, "To me that has nothing to do with Spanish. You're here to teach my child a foreign language, not anything else."

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