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‘Family Guy’ Creator Seth McFarlane Gives the Left Some Tough Love: 'You've Got to Get Over It\


"What the conservatives would argue, and I would agree with them in this instance, is that..."

AP Photo/Matt Sayles, File

Seth MacFarlane, the mind behind the hit animated series “Family Guy,” says the progressive left has an apparent inability to pick its “battles” on issues.

AP Photo/Matt Sayles, File AP Photo/Matt Sayles, File

“There are things that are truly infringements of rights and things that truly count as profound injustices and there are things that just kind of piss you off but you’ve got to get over it. And they’re not the same,” MacFarlane said in an interview with radio host Jason Rantz. “And the problem is if we don’t pick our battles, then we look unreasonable.”

He added that the unwillingness to “separate things that are injustices from things that we’re just offended by” is part of what has led to Trump’s meteoric rise. The issue is “troubling,” he said.

As an example, MacFarlane claimed the outrage surrounding Kentucky clerk Kim Davis when she refused to sign gay marriage licenses was justified because, in his opinion, she was infringing on other people’s rights. However, he said the left’s uproar over corporate communications director Justine Sacco’s edgy AIDS joke was over the top.

"What the conservatives would argue, and I would agree with them in this instance, is that you may not like it, but it's freedom of speech,” MacFarlane said of Sacco’s joke. “You don't destroy somebody for that. She was not infringing upon anyone's rights. At the end of the day, the only person who got trampled on was her."

MacFarlane, a Bernie Sanders supporter, said he would like to see his side get better at “separating the trivial from the profound."

Read more from the interview here.


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