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BuzzFeed's 'Questions Black People Have for Black People' Video Backfires


"Why is growing up without a father so common in our race?”

Image source: Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed posted a video Tuesday titled “27 Questions Black People Have for Black People,” presumably in an attempt to get people talking about stereotypes that exist within one race of people. The post went viral, but judging by the responses on social media, some were more outraged than appreciative.

The list included questions like, "Why is growing up without a father so common in our race?”, “Why is it so hard to be on time?”, “Why do black people look at your shoes before they greet you?”, “How did watermelon become ‘our’ thing?” and “Why do we say that we don’t want to be seen as a monolith, but then take people’s ‘black cards’ away for not liking something that’s ‘supposedly black’?”

Image source: Buzzfeed

Many people responded in anger and frustration at the fact that the video listed a bunch of racial tropes while failing to address the problem in a manner that was helpful or substantive.

Other critiques stemmed from the view that the charming black millennials asking the questions in the video actually perpetuated stereotypes by acknowledging them as given facts, such as the comment about black people being late or liking watermelon.

Twitter erupted after the video was posted, with many black professionals working in the media offering their critical take:

Former BuzzFeed writer Ira Madison III, who now works for MTV News, offered his take on the video as someone who used to work for the company that produced the video:


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