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Sexy,' 'Powerful,' 'American': Here's How Bernie Sanders Supporters Say He Makes Them Feel


TheBlaze asked young supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders earlier this week to describe the Vermont senator — using just one word.

The young people, who had gathered in Washington Square Park in New York City for a Sanders rally, described the socialist in exuberant terms.

"Happy, excited about the future," one student told TheBlaze. "Bernie makes me feel powerful."

"Sexy!" another New York University Student told TheBlaze.

Sanders is currently in a tight race in the New York state primary with Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton. While Clinton maintains a small lead, according to most polls, Sanders has managed to draw massive, energetic crowds like the 27,000 supporters in Washington Square Park Wednesday evening.

The New York primary is set to take place on Tuesday, April, 9th.

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