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Cruz Skewers Fox News Days After Tense Exchange With Hannity


“They know it’s not true."

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Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz criticized the Fox News Channel Friday, suggesting the cable news outlet was covering the 2016 race in a way more favorable to Donald Trump.

Cruz's comments, first reported by BuzzFeed, came in an interview with conservative radio talk show host Dom Giordano just days after the Texas senator had a dust-up with host Sean Hannity.

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Giordano, clearly referencing the senator's dispute with Hannity, asked Cruz about controversy surrounding the "so-called voterless elections." The radio host added that he was "shocked" to see Cruz be hammered by "a couple shows" on the network over his strategy to win unbound delegates.

“They know it’s not true,” Cruz replied. “Donald doesn’t handle losing well. And when we loses he cries and he screams and he whines and he curses and he insults everybody.”

“So when Donald lost five states in a row that’s when they began making up this nonsense about voterless elections,” Cruz added. “1.3 million people voted in those five states. More people voted in those five states than voted in the New York primary. And in fact, though you’d never see this on Fox News, but I won more votes in Wisconsin than Donald Trump won in New York.”

"What do you make of this?" Giordano pressed. "You've always had a pretty good reception there. ... Sean was once a guy who wanted a limited government guy to win and become president. What the heck is going on with this whole deal here?"

“Well listen, Fox News has got to decide what stories they want to air and what stories they want to tell,” Cruz said. “I’m not going to worry about who they’re rooting for and what surrogates they put on and what messages they push. I’m gonna focus on my own positive message.”

Hannity briefly addressed the incident with Cruz on his television program, conceding "things got a little heated," but arguing that he had "been more than fair to him."

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