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Levin Unloads on Fox for Trump Coverage: They Will Be 'Rubbing Their Own Faces in Their Own Feces


"This is insanity!"


Conservative radio host Mark Levin blasted the Fox News Channel on Tuesday after several network hosts failed to challenge Donald Trump for floating an unsubstantiated National Enquirer allegation that suggested Ted Cruz's father was connected to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

"It's not the Fox News Channel. It's the Fox Channel. And the Donald Trump Super PAC. This is insanity," Levin said, referencing coverage of the Trump allegation on "The Five."

"They may be laughing today, but they are going to be rubbing their own faces in their own feces! I'll tell you that after this general election. Because they have humiliated themselves," he added.

The talk radio host then turned his ire to "Fox and Friends."

"And what the hell is with the hosts on the Fox and Friends show? They didn't even challenge Trump! ... Not a damn question! Nothing! Zero!" he shouted.

Levin argued on his show that Republicans would likely lose the general election by wide margins as a result of Trump's antics.

"We are going to get our asses kicked in the general election, ladies and gentlemen! That's the trajectory! Maybe it will change, but likely it will not," he said.

The comments from the talk radio host came as Cruz slammed Fox News as the "Donald Trump Network" earlier in the day. Later, Cruz exited the 2016 race when he suffered a devastating loss to Trump in Indiana.

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