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Michael Moore Reveals to Megyn Kelly What ‘Worries’ Him Most About Clinton: ‘My Fear Is…’


"What worries you, if anything, about Hillary?"

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said Thursday night on the Fox News Channel that he was worried if Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is elected president the U.S. may find itself entangled in another war.

The comment came when host Megyn Kelly asked, "What worries you, if anything, about Hillary?"

"My fear is that if she was president we would find ourselves in another war," Moore said. "She voted for the Iraq War."

"You think she's more than a hawk than Trump?" Kelly pressed.

"Oh, I don't know. I thought you said Obama," Moore replied. "She's more of a hawk than Obama."

During the interview, Kelly asked Moore about the comments Republican front-runner Donald Trump has made about the Iraq War.

"What did you think when you heard Trump say Bush lied to get us into the Iraq War? Knew about 9/11 before? That sounded like you!" she told him.

"Well, I didn't say that. I was against the Iraq War. I turned out to be right. I was in the minority at the time. And I was lambasted on a certain particular network," Moore said, taking a jab at Fox News.

"Do you believe that Bush lied to get us into the Iraq War?" Kelly asked.

"No, I believe he was asleep at the wheel," Moore said, adding that he viewed Bush as "incompetent.

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