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‘Pregnancy Isn't an Illness’: Pregnant Fitness Instructor Defends Her Controversial Weightlifting Routine


"What an inspiration she's been to not only myself but to hundreds and thousands of women across the country."

Image source: Instagram, @emilybreeze

A fitness instructor who recently sparked controversy for weightlifting while pregnant is still continuing her training though she could give birth any day.

Emily Breeze Watson, 31, is continuing her intense CrossFit routine despite the fact that she is several days past her due date, she told the Daily Mail.

Watson, who routinely posts work out videos on her social media accounts, recently shared a video of herself lifting a 155-pound weight at eight months pregnant and was flooded with comments from viewers concerned that her fitness regime would harm her unborn son.

Watson said that she has “the full support of medical professionals” to continue her work out routine and that the best guide to her well-being is “listening” to her body.

“Pregnancy isn't an illness, the human body is capable of remarkable things,” Watson said, adding that she won’t give up her routine despite “the negative stuff” online.

“People have criticised me on social media, which I find interesting because I had no idea that it would spark any kind of buzz like that,” Watson told the Daily Mail. “I've just tuned it out. I don't even want to read it or care. I know with full confidence that my doctor and I are on the same page. And we're working towards bringing this healthy baby into this world.”

Watson wants women to know that they “can continue to do their normal routine, whatever that is, while they're pregnant.”

“I've had plenty of pregnant women come to my bootcamp classes,” Watson said. “I always tell them ‘check in with your doctor first,’ but I also encourage them to stay after it, stay active and if they feel good then let's work it out.”

Emily's husband Montell Watson told the Daily Mail that he supports her decision and that they frequently train together.

“I support her 100 percent and I'm so proud of everything she's been able to do,” Montell Watson said. “What an inspiration she's been to not only myself but to hundreds and thousands of women across the country. I'm obviously cautious because I love her and I love the little guy in there, and just want to make sure that everything is okay. I know if she wasn't able to do this, it would drive her crazy as well.”

According to the Daily Mail, Emily Watson, who could dead-lift 325 pounds prior to her pregnancy, hopes to break a Guinness World Record for “the biggest bootcamp session ever in the weeks after giving birth.”

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