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Rapper Azealia Banks Endorses Trump, Says Clinton 'Talks to Black People as if We're Children or Pets


"Trump just wants the U.S to be lavish ... ."

Azealia Banks performs onstage at Brixton Academy on September 22, 2014 in London, England. (Image source: Ollie Millington/WireImage)

Rapper and singer Azealia Banks became the latest celebrity to publicly endorse the GOP’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump:

“Trump just wants the U.S to be lavish ... for all of us,” the rapper tweeted shortly after the big announcement.

Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images

Shortly after this, Banks explained her objections to Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton:

“Hillary talks to black people as if we’re children or pets,” the Harlem native wrote.

In a firestorm of tweets, many of which contained expletives, Banks defended Trump and his controversial reputation.

“Trump is an a**hole but he’s not been groomed and programmed on some mkultra tip to DO & SAY what the establishment wants him to,” she told her Twitter follower.

And the Clinton critiques were plentiful:

Even after Banks voiced her support for Trump (and merciless antipathy towards Clinton), skeptical fans pressed her Monday morning on the matter, which she was happy to clear up:

She also explained why she believes Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is not a viable alternative to Clinton:

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