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‘There IS a Race Problem’: Hollywood Actor Scolds School Board After Massive Brawl Between Black and Hispanic Students


"Your heads r in the sand."

Image source: KNBC-TV

A Hollywood celebrity is speaking out after about 40 students got into a lunchtime brawl at a Los Angeles high school Monday.

Actor Danny Trejo was among dozens who showed up at a school board meeting at Slymar High School in L.A. Wednesday night. The meeting, which came two days after the brawl broke out between black and Hispanic students, focused specifically on race and safety for students, KNBC-TV reported.

"I don't feel safe at school! We have to walk around in groups at school because we don't feel safe," a black male student said at the meeting.

A Hispanic female student added, "We want you to ask us how we feel coming to school here after what just happened."

Trejo later chimed in, telling those at the meeting, "There IS a race problem. Your heads are in the sand," KNBC's Beverly White reported.

"The first time Mexicans and African-Americans got together, we got a black president," Trejo said. "So, good things can really happen when we get together."

Meanwhile, school officials admitted that what was captured on video on Monday is problematic. The L.A. Unified School District said it will present an action plan in response to what superintendent Michelle King called an "unacceptable occurrence."

Others, including the NAACP and LAUSD police, also weighed in on the controversy.

"We don't need to have a black-and-brown divide. That's what we're hearing that this is," Rosalind Scarbrough of the San Fernando Valley NAACP told KNBC-TV.

As for whether any crimes were committed in the Monday fight, LAUSD Police Chief Steve Zipperman said officers will decide that as they continue to review footage and interview those involved.

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