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Read Rubio's Unfiltered Tweet-Storm Addressing His Post-Senate Plans: 'As for Future in Politics...


"Funny to read about unnamed 'people close' to me who claim to know my thinking..."

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio took to Twitter Monday night to lambaste a Washington Post story that speculated on what the vanquished Republican presidential candidate might do next.

The story cited people "close" to Rubio, which clearly frustrated the Florida lawmaker, who insisted any comments about his future plans given to the Post were made up. Rubio insisted he plans to leave Congress in the fall, which he claims to have said "like 10000 times."

But the Post offered a murkier outlook.

"Rubio, according to conversations I've had with people close to him, is sort of betwixt and between when it comes to his next move," reporter Chris Cillizza wrote.

Though some may be urging Rubio to run for Senate reelection, Cillizza backed up the former presidential candidate's claim that he plans to retire from Congress in November. But the journalist went on to say Rubio "isn't interested" in running for governor in 2020.

"Rubio could stay in the private sector and make money — he has four young children — but the danger there is by the time 2018 rolls around he is out of the daily, weekly or even monthly conversation happening within the GOP," he added.

But, according to Rubio, who said reporters just take information because they are "desperate for content," none of that is necessarily true. And when it comes to claims about Rubio being "a bit at sea in terms of his next step politically," the Floridian simply says, "Not really."

And Rubio also had a comment for Cillizza's suggestion that being outside the Washington beltway could limit his future political opportunities, pointing out the fact that current presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has never held public office.

A few minutes later, Rubio's tweets took a sarcastic turn, as he began offering fake tips from a "longtime friend" and a "source who knows his cousins."

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