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Franklin Graham Slams 'Dangerous Riptide of Political Correctness' — and Goes After Obama Admin's Transgender Policy


"Who does President Barack Obama think he is?"

Rev. Franklin Graham (AP)

Evangelist Franklin Graham is continuing to fervently speak out against the Obama administration's transgender bathroom policy, saying on his Facebook page on Thursday that he's "proud of the 12 states who are suing" over it.

"I’m proud of the 12 states who are suing the Obama Administration over the transgender policy that they are trying to force down the throats of the American people!" Graham wrote. "Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said last week that he’s going to encourage every public school superintendent in his state to IGNORE the Obama policy requiring schools to allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms of the gender they identify with rather than their biological sex — good for him! That’s some backbone."

The faith leader went on to say that the nation needs more leaders like Patrick, and called upon his more than 3.7 million followers to take action against what he described as a "dangerous riptide of political correctness in this country" by encouraging them to call political representatives and school superintendents to make their voices heard.

"Let them know that you expect them to protect your family’s privacy and stand against policies like this that allow sexual predators inside women’s and girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms!" Graham concluded.

As TheBlaze previously reported, Graham has been vocal about the transgender debate. He recently spoke out against an Oregon school district’s decision to strike a settlement with a transgender teacher — an agreement that included a $60,000 payout for emotional damages and other related expenses, and a pledge to enact transgender employee guidelines.

In April, he publicly joined hundreds of thousands of Americans in boycotting Target Corp. over the company’s announcement that it will continue to allow transgender customers and employees to use the bathrooms and fitting rooms of their preference, proclaiming that Target is putting both shareholders and customers at risk.

As for the Obama administration’s recent decision to direct public schools to permit transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds their gender identity, Graham asked in an earlier Facebook post whether Obama believes he’s “the sultan of Washington.”

“Who does President Barack Obama think he is? The sultan of Washington?” Graham wrote on his Facebook page last month. “Does he think he can just make a ‘decree’ and we will bow down and simply obey?”


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