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Delete Your Account': See How Twitter Reacts When PETA Seemingly Compares Women's Rights to Chickens' Rights


The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals drew the ire of some on the internet after tweeting a quote Tuesday from organization President Ingrid Newkirk that seemingly equated women to chickens.

"Discrimination is discrimination," the quote read, "whether you're a woman or a chicken."

It didn't take long for others on the social media network to chime in. One person quipped, "Shall we give them voting rights, too?"

PETA responded, telling the inquirer, who seemingly backs the animal advocacy group's work, they don't believe chickens need the right to vote, but should, however, receive "equal consideration of their interests."

At that, the mockery ensued.

This is not PETA's first foray into defending the lives of chickens. In 2014, several animal rights advocates stormed into restaurants, shouting, "This isn't food — it's violence!"

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