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Two Brothers Create Hilarious Video Tearing Apart 'Stupid' Claims of 'White Privilege' — and There's a Big Reason Liberals Won't Be Able to Easily Dismiss Their Words

Two Brothers Create Hilarious Video Tearing Apart 'Stupid' Claims of 'White Privilege' — and There's a Big Reason Liberals Won't Be Able to Easily Dismiss Their Words

"It's your fault for laying down and taking that bullcrap."

Brothers Chris and Joel Hayes hail from Louisburg, North Carolina, and have recently stepped up to the YouTube plate to bring America a piece of their minds with a mix of politics, social commentary and humor.

Last month, they posted a pretty widely watched video (nearly 175,000 views) in which they explained why they support Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

A week ago, they created another clip, this time taking on one of the left's pet causes — "white privilege" — and proceeding to tear it from its pedestal.

Neither of their points of view is particularly remarkable — except when you take into consideration that the Hayes brothers are black. With that crucial point in play, their decidedly non-liberal perspectives take on a whole new weight.

From left, Joel and Chris Hayes (Image source: YouTube)

"I can yell out 'black power' to the top of my lungs," Chris Hayes declared, adding that no one would question his exclamation. But when a white guy screams "white power," he noted that trouble would surely follow.

"Oh, God, the whole world is gonna end," Chris continued while Joel giggled. "The moon just eclipsed the sun, and oh my God, Satan has just risen from the depths of hell. ... I mean, it's really not that bad."

Chris added that their 81-year-old father was born in 1934 and "went through some stuff with white people," including having rocks thrown at him and his siblings and getting spat upon. His was a sharecropping family with no money.

"They actually had a reason not to like white people," Chris said. "I don't have a reason not to like white people! And my father didn't grow up bitter and hate white people. And he didn't teach us to hate white people."

"So where did we get this thing about 'white privilege'?" Chris continued, adding, "If I can say something and a white person can't say something, it looks like I'm the one with the privilege. Hmm."

As they briefly discussed race and ethnicity, the Hayes brothers hit the issue of people being called racists for criticizing Islam.

"Islam is not a race! Muslim is not a race!" Joel Hayes explained. "It's not a race."

Touching again on the issue of white privilege, Chris Hayes called it "stupid."

"The thought that white people get treated better than everybody else is stupid," Chris added. "We have the same opportunities."

The brothers also tore into the Rev. Al Sharpton and President Barack Obama, saying that, despite their activism, things are no better for black people in America.

The pair didn't spare white people, either — but not for stereotypical reasons.

"It's your fault for laying down and taking that bullcrap," Chris said. "I can make a joke about white people all day long and won't nobody bat an eye. Oh, let a white guy make a joke about a black guy, 'Oh, that's fighting words!' That's stupid. Y'all sit there and take that crap and apologize for it. Stop apologizing! White folks stop apologizing; it's not your fault what your forefathers did."

"White folks ... stop laying down," Chris continued.

"If someone calls you a racist ... just go about your day," Joel added, "unless you're working with the KKK or something, then we pretty much know where you stand." The pair couldn't contain their laughter at that one.

Chris noted, "Just stop feeling guilty about stuff that ain't your fault."

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