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Read Former Reddit CEO’s Shocking Advice to Fellow Anti-Gun Liberals


"No matter how unreasonable you think your opponent is, he knows many important things that you do not."

Nico Rasinski, 9, Bronxville, holds a sign that reads "No Guns!" in Cadmen Park before the One Million Moms for Gun Control Rally march over the Brooklyn bridge, Jan. 21, 2012, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Demonstrators called for new gun control legislation, demanding a ban on assault weapons and stricter regulations on gun purchases. Credit: AP

Former Reddit CEO Yishan Wong, a self-proclaimed "pro-gun-control liberal who does not believe in the Second Amendment," posted an open letter last week on Medium, offering some counterintuitive advice to fellow liberals who are quick to lash out against gun rights advocates. Wong writes that "the first thing you need to do if you want meaningful gun control legislation to be passed in America" is "learn how to use a gun."

AP/Brennan Linsley

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