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Video Shows What It Would Look Like if CNN Fact-Checked Politicians Other Than Trump


What if CNN went after went after Democratic politicians the same way it goes after Trump?

Image source: YouTube/Heat Street

CNN has made it a habit in recent weeks to fact-check Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in its on-screen news banners.

Image source: CNN

On Thursday, the news network provided another one of such fact checks for Trump’s comment that President Obama is the "founder" of the Islamic State terror group, a claim which Trump himself said was "sarcastic."

That move prompted criticism from those who accused CNN of "autistic literalism" in its decision to clarify such an obvious point.

"Does the media engage in this kind of autistic literalism when examining the comments of anyone but Trump?" Twitter user Robert Mariani asked.

Following the most recent fact check, conservative news website Heat Street created a video to highlight the clear anti-Trump bias. The video, titled, "What If CNN Fact-Checked Hillary and Obama Like They Do for Trump?" shows what it might look like if the network went after Democratic politicians with the same vigor.


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