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Former Marine Montel Williams Announces He's Voting for Clinton, Says Trump Is 'Clear and Present Danger


"I have passion truly against Donald Trump."

Image source: MSNBC.com

Speaking with MSNBC's Chris Matthews on "Hardball" Wednesday night, Montel Williams, a man who voted as a Republican for decades but now calls himself an "Independent," announced he would be voting for Hillary Clinton in the November election.

Williams, who served more than 18 years in the Navy and Marine Corps before launching his Emmy Award-winning television show, had been a vocal supporter of Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich's campaign.

The host asked Williams, "Do you have passion for either of these candidates, any of them right now?"

Without hesitation, Williams replied, "I have passion truly against Donald Trump. But I'm sorry to say it that way."

"Am I enthusiastically endorsing Hillary Clinton?" he continued. "I'm going to endorse and say, I'm going to go inside that booth, and rather than be quiet about what I'm doing, I'm gonna push that button for her."

Williams referred to Clinton as the "only clear choice to make sure America can be lifted out of what I think is a clear and present danger having Donald Trump even in this race."

Speaking about Clinton, Williams was not declaring her to be a perfect candidate, "I have an issue with the emails, but my biggest issue with actually enthusiastically endorsing Mrs. Clinton, is the fact that, you know, she continues to deny this VA debacle."

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