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‘Look at This!’: Seal Stuns Family on Boat Trip When He Looks to Them for Help Escaping Killer Whales


“Most intense epic experience ever.”

Image source: YouTube

A family was stunned when a seal looked to them for help escaping killer whales while boating off Canada's Vancouver Island, according to NBC's "Today."

In videos uploaded to YouTube by user Kirk Fraser, the seal can be seen wriggling onto the back of the family’s boat in order to escape a group of whales.

When one person jokes about shoving the seal off the boat to the whales, another interjects, “That guy deserves to live!”

(Content warning: Strong language):

The seal fell off the boat several times but managed to climb back on until the whales gave up after about 30-45 minutes.

"Well done, bud,” one man says after the seal’s ordeal. “You survived!"

“Most intense epic experience ever,” Fraser wrote on YouTube.

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