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Dana Loesch on Rape Culture: 'Where Are the Social Justice Warriors?


“That is the rape culture that the left talks about all the time ..."

During a particularly heavy week for already prominent rape and sexual assault cases across the U.S., Dana Loesch connected with rape survivor and activist Kimberly Corban.

“Where are the social justice warriors, all of the people talking about rape culture when you have actual legitimate cases right here?" Loesch asked.

“They don’t like when someone doesn’t fit their narrative,” Corban replied.

Former Stanford University student and convicted rapist Brock Turner was released from jail Friday after serving three months, half of his six-month sentence.

Earlier this week, the survivor of a notorious prep academy sexual assault from two years ago came forward to publicly talk about her assault. Chessy Prout had been anonymous to the larger public until now.

"We can’t grow up in a country where we are entitled to other peoples’ bodies,” said Corban, who survived a two-hour sexual assault as a university student in 2006. “But yet that is the rape culture that the left talks about all the time, yet when we have cases like this, where the sentences should be more stringent — and really there to help people like me, to help people like Chessy, to help people like the Stanford survivor — where are they? It's just really unfortunate.”

Loesch's interview:

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