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Host Tomi Lahren, guest ignore political correctness, take up risks with loose refugee policies

Tomi Lahren (TheBlaze)

Increasingly few TV hosts dare to confront head-on the complexities and risks of welcoming so many refugees into the U.S. — well over 100 per day, especially from Islamic countries with extraordinarily different moral and social structures.

But host Tomi Lahren, who is perhaps more comfortable in controversy than out, wasn’t afraid to stomp through delicate rules of political incorrectness, when she sat down with Brigitte Gabriel to confront the issue without a PC filter, including hitting on an uptick in infectious diseases and higher-than-average sexual assault rates among the refugees.

“Diseases that have been eradicated from the United States, like Tuberculosis, are now exploding nationwide because of the refugees coming to the United States, not only unvetted but they’re unchecked for these diseases, Gabriel said. “And they’re bringing many with them. For example, Tuberculosis is exploding in nine states so far; we have hundreds of cases. … In the state of Wisconsin alone, we have 117 cases of Tuberculosis. And the majority of them are drug resistant, which means it takes 6-8 months to treat a patient at the cost of $150,000 of the taxpayers. Your money and my money to treat them.”

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