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FBI not likely to finish reviewing Clinton's newly discovered emails before election


While the world is still pointing at the Clinton emails as the iceberg that will sink her ship, CNN reports that the investigation of said emails will likely not conclude until after the election is over on Nov. 8.

While cataloging the emails could be done in a matter of days, working with other government agencies to pinpoint any classified emails within the pile discovered from Anthony Weiner's computer take time. This process includes employing a specialized search engine used by the FBI:

The investigators are using software comparable to a specialized search engine at FBI facilities in Quantico, Virginia, to try to isolate emails on Weiner's computer that could be pertinent to the Clinton email-server investigation, the law enforcement officials said. Some of that work was done earlier this month when agents conducting the Weiner investigation stumbled on the Abedin emails.

After that work is done, investigators will examine the emails they believe are relevant to the Clinton investigation to see if they contain classified information and, if so, whether the individuals who sent or received the emails knew the information was classified.

This timeline, however, does not mean that they are moving slowly.

One official said, "This is not a recourse problem," noting the FBI is diverting all the resources necessary in order to expedite this investigation.
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