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Gary Johnson: Trump was 'toast' until FBI reopened Clinton investigation

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson makes a point during a news conference in Colorado last month. (AP/David Zalubowski)

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson went after Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Friday for the FBI's decision to further investigate emails related to her use of a private server.

“Doesn’t truth mean anything these days? Integrity?” Johnson told reporters, the Detroit News reported.

Johnson added that he thought Republican nominee Donald Trump “was toast” before the FBI announced its renewed interest in Clinton's emails last week. Given the choice between Trump and Clinton, voters should look at third-party options, he added.

“With this revelation today, boy, there’s a reason they are the two most polarizing political figures of all time that happen to be the nominees,” he said.

The fact that this came up at the last minute in the campaign shows that the concerns about Clinton's judgment are severe, Johnson said before a campaign rally.

“The revelations regarding Hillary, clearly the FBI with 11 days to go has to recognize how significant it is that they are doing this, and they wouldn’t be doing this if weren’t based on something — I’ll use the word significant — knowing there will not be a resolution to this prior to the election,” Johnson said.

Still, the third-party candidate said he understands that it's unlikely that he'll make much of an impact on the vote tallies for Clinton or Trump, according to the Detroit News.

“With just this amount of time to go, it would really take a seismic shift in attention to let people realize that there is a third choice,” Johnson said.

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