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Random act of kindness gives teens best homecoming night ever


SEATTLE, Wa.—  Royce Pearson expected to have a memorable night when he and 15 of his friends attended their high school homecoming dance, but he had no idea just how memorable the occasion would become.

Before heading to the school dance in their formal attire, the teens stopped for dinner at Jersey’s, one of their favorite local restaurants.

When their meals arrived at the table, they did something the other patrons did not expect: The students joined hands, bowed their heads, and prayed together. As they opened their eyes and raised their heads to begin their meal, they heard applause from the large group of people sitting at a table behind them.

“They said they were impressed that teenagers would stop and pray— enjoying the moment— and that they had never seen anything so powerful before,” Pearson told TheBlaze.

After finishing their meal, the server came to their table and told them their dinner had been paid for by another patron.

Pearson recalled, “We finished our food, the waitress came over and told us, ‘That man over there just covered your tab, so you’re good to go.’  We couldn’t believe it.”  The waitress pointed to a man sitting at the table that had applauded them earlier.

Pearson and his friends approached the man to thank him.

“He told us how respectful he thought we were, that he was moved and he had never seen anything like it.”  Pearson added, “He told us to continue what we’re doing and to have a good time at homecoming.”

The teens snapped a picture with the man to memorialize the kind gesture.

Pearson’s friend Daniel added that the group hadn’t always been in the habit of getting together and praying before meals, and that not everyone at the table was even Christian. He explained that several members of the homecoming group attend New Beginnings Christian Fellowship together, and in the moment it just felt right to give thanks to God.

Daniel’s brother Nathan remarked, “It was cool. It was really cool. It just felt like a miracle moment. Like God was there.” He added, “Religion aside, there are still good people left in the world.”

As for the rest of the night? Pearson emphatically said, “It was the best homecoming ever.”

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