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San Antonio police officer fired for giving homeless man sandwich containing feces


A police officer with the San Antonio Police Department was fired for allegedly feeding a homeless person a sandwich containing feces, according to the San Antonio Express News. The unidentified officer reportedly placed the fecal matter in between two slices of bread and gave it to the homeless person.

City officials were informed of the matter during a private meeting Thursday and were furious upon learning of the incident.

Councilman Joe Krier described the act as “reprehensible,” adding, “We have very few bad apples in a barrel full of outstanding police and fire. But it’s our job to get the bad apples out of the barrel as quickly as possible when they do bad things.”

After an investigation, the officer was terminated from the police department, but sources told the Express News that he has retained an attorney and plans to file an appeal in the hopes of getting his job back.

It is unknown where the fecal matter came from or if the homeless person consumed the excrement.

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