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Krauthammer: New FBI letter 'technically a win' for Clinton, BUT...

Charles Krauthammer (Image source: Fox News)

Conservative commentator and best-selling author Charles Krauthammer says FBI director James Comey's letter to Congress on Sunday upholding the federal agency's original conclusion in July that Hillary Clinton should not be criminally charged will have "zero effect" politically.

"This is technically a win for Secretary Clinton," Krauthammer said Sunday on Fox News. But, he continued, "politically, it probably has zero effect, or a marginal net plus."

The conservative commentator went on to explain his reasoning, saying the announcement "comes too late."

"There's not enough time for this to be processed and for the exoneration to the extent it is, to be sort of accepted and become part of the landscape," Krauthammer said. He added that since the FBI's "bombshell announcement" that it was effectively re-opening the investigation into Clinton's private email server, the Clinton campaign "lost" ten days.

"All the argument[s], all the case[s] made against her in the days are not erasable and they have had their effect," he said.

The GOP pundit explained that the Clinton campaign could use the FBI's decision not to indict the Democratic nominee as a talking point, noting that it is more likely they will try to avoid the topic altogether, given there are fewer than 36 hours until the first Election Day polls open.

Krauthammer said the latest development could "perhaps, stop the bleeding to some extent in some places."

"But, at this point I don't think it has an effect of any real importance for the ultimate outcome," he added.

On October 28 — just 11 days prior to Election Day — Comey sent Congress a letter notifying them the FBI was effectively re-opening its investigation into Clinton's private email server after the discovery of potentially "pertinent" emails on the laptop of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin's estranged husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

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