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See why Trump protesters are wearing safety pins after Donald Trump's big win

A close-up of an open safety pin on a black background. (Image source: Getty creative)

Many Americans are wearing safety pins on their shirts following President-elect Donald Trump's decisive win over Democrat Hillary Clinton earlier this week to show they are a "safe space" for those who feel hurt by Trump's victory.

The pins became a symbol of marginalized people following the Brexit vote earlier this summer, when Great Britain narrowly voted to leave the European Union.

But after Trump's victory, a columnist at the publication Slate called on Americans to follow suit. She wrote:

In response, people of goodwill began wearing safety pins as a symbol of solidarity with immigrants. It was a quick, easy way to show immigrants that you weren’t one of those who despise them and to show everyone else that you wouldn’t tolerate xenophobic abuse.

We need a symbol like that in the United States now. These are vicious days in America. The deplorables are emboldened.

"We need an outward sign of sympathy, a way for the majority of us who voted against fascism to recognize one another," the columnist went on to explain.

Supporters of the safety pin say it's not meant to stand as a political symbol, but rather it's meant to stand as a symbol against the supposed hatred and bigotry Trump represents.

Liberal echo chamber Vox.com also called on its readership to show solidarity with those who feel marginalized by Trump's victory by wearing the pins.

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