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This pollster was wrong about Trump, so he ate a bug on live TV


The pollsters really got the election wrong this cycle, and in return for his inaccurate reporting, polling expert Sam Wang, a professor at Princeton University, is making good on his earlier promise to eat a bug — yes, eat a bug — if Republican Donald Trump won at least 240 electoral votes.

According to the latest numbers, Trump has 290 electoral votes to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton's 232 votes. (Trump currently leads in Michigan, which has 16 electoral votes; however, the race there has yet to be officially called.) So Wang ate an insect on live television during an interview Saturday with CNN's Michael Smerconish.

"I think the eating-the-bug thing is in itself sensationalist, and it keeps us off important policy issues," Wang said, delaying eating the crickets in front of him. "There are things that can bring the country together, but I think the bug thing is not one of them. So I just wanted to point that out."

Then he finally decided to just get it done.

"Like John the Baptist in the wilderness, he ate locusts and honey, and so I regard myself as being in the wilderness a little bit because, after all, I was wrong," Wang told Smerconish. "A lot of people were wrong, but no one else made the promise I did."

The professor made the vow in mid-October.

Smerconish called him a "man of his word" for eating the insect.

Watch him eat a bug below:

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