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Reason hilariously points out anti-Trump protestor's hypocrisy with parody of "Hallelujah"


As you're likely well aware, the moment President-elect Donald Trump became President-elect Donald Trump, many leftists took to the streets in protest.

Their complaints ranged from him being a horrid racist, to being an incompetent leader, to just being an all around bad person. However, many of the accusations they're throwing at Trump may ring a bell in certain circles.

Many of the accusations hurled at Trump are things Obama has already done. So it was that Reason's Remy decided to point out that what the protestors are protesting isn't all that different from what they've already had.

But instead of just telling them, Remy decided to deliver the message by mocking Saturday Night Live's sad Clinton cold open with his own version of "Hallelujah."


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