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Texas high school students chant 'build that wall' at volleyball tournament

AP Photo/Aaron Favila

A school district near Wichita Falls, Texas, is under fire as school administrators deal with racially charged comments made by some of their students at a volleyball tournament.

Archer City ISD Superintendent C.D. Knobloch says students from his district began chanting, "Build that wall!" at students from the opposing school district from Fort Hancock ISD.  Fort Hancock sits on the Texas-Mexico border.

The students held up a Trump-Pence campaign sign along with a flag reading, "Come and take it."  The flag was used in the Battle of Gonzales and marked the first military fight of the Texas revolution.

Spectators of the tournament uploaded pictures of the raucous students onto social media, including the one below:

Knobloch told reporters that he had personally apologized to Fort Hancock ISD officials and that they were receptive to the apologies.  He said the district is taking steps to prevent any future occurrences, including prohibiting signs at sporting events.

After winning the tournament, Archer City ISD will now compete in the state competition semifinals Nov. 16.

Fort Hancock Superintendent Jose Franco told the Fort Worth Star Telegram that he accepted the apology and relayed the message that he told the students on the volleyball team, "There are a lot more good people than ignorant people out there who judge people by who they are and not the color of their skin."

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