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From convict to cop: Steffon Josey discusses his long journey with Dana


Conservative talk show host Dana Loesch sat down with Baltimore, Maryland police officer Steffon Josey to talk about the rough road he traveled on the path to becoming a police officer.

Once an armored car driver convicted for transporting his legally owned firearm in New Jersey, Josey explained to Loesch how he went from a felon faced with spending up to 10 years in jail to a new police recruit at Baltimore Police Department.

With a positive outlook, Josey said, "I'm just happy to be here, and happy to fulfill the dream."

Josey was arrested in 2013 for carrying his legally owned firearm in his glove compartment, a second-degree felony in New Jersey.  He thought at the time the conviction would squelch his life-long dreams of becoming a police officer.  After the NAACP did not respond to his requests for help, he decided to seek clemency from the government.  Josey received a full pardon from Governor Chris Christie in June 2015.

In addition to Josey, many others have been affected by New Jersey's Draconian gun laws, some of the strictest and most absurd in the country.  Just earlier this month, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff was stopped for carrying his unloaded firearm in his car.  Huff is licensed to carry in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Those arrested under these outdated laws are usually not as fortunate as Josey, and often times end up behind bars.  Gun rights activists have long since called for more reasonable gun laws in the state.


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