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MTV removes racist 'New Years Resolutions for White Guys' video, but the internet is forever


On December 19th, MTV decided to release a video that singled out white men for ridicule, and painted it as a helpful guide on how they should act in 2017.

The video itself featured various people saying things like "Blue Lives Matter isn't a thing," and "America was never great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy." The video is considered to be so condescending and racist that many people from all walks of life panned the video with intensity.

But now it's been reported that MTV has pulled the video from their outlets due to the amount of negative reaction this video generated. While this is all well and good, anti-white sentiment has been running rampant at MTV for a while. Their web serious MTV's "Decoded" features host Franchesca Ramsey often speaking out against white people in one way or another. In one video, she slyly points out how racism can only come from those with institutional power — i.e. white people — which means other skin colors cannot be racist when acting that way toward whites.

While MTV may have attempted to delete their video, the internet is forever. Here is a mirror of the "New Years Resolutions for White Guys" video, so we can all remember MTV's racial "wisdom."

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