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Congress already moving to slash U.N. funding — and it's not stopping there

The United Nations headquarters in New York (Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

In the wake of the United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements, which the United States abstained from vetoing, some members of Congress are already acting upon their promises to cut funding from the international body.

And according to a new report from the Washington Free Beacon, congressional leaders are not only looking at cutting U.N. funding but also barring Palestinian diplomats from residing in the U.S. as well as weakening ties with countries that voted for the controversial new rule.

“The disgraceful anti-Israel resolution passed by the UNSC was apparently only the opening salvo in the Obama administration’s final assault on Israel. President Obama, Secretary Kerry, [U.N.] Ambassador Power and their colleagues should remember that the United States Congress reconvenes on January 3rd, and under the Constitution we control the taxpayer funds they would use for their anti-Israel initiatives," Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told the Free Beacon.

The new push comes just days after Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) first called on the U.S. to cut off all funding to the U.N.

“It’s that important to me,” Graham told CNN Saturday. “This is a road we haven’t gone down before. If you can’t show the American people that international organizations can be more responsible, there is going to be a break. And I am going to lead that break.”

One Republican source, whom the Free Beacon described as a foreign policy insider with ties to the Trump transition team, said "everything is on the table" when it comes to reversing the recent actions of the U.N., adding that whatever measures are taken will be "swift and forceful."

"With a Trump administration in place, any nation that seeks to delegitimize the Jewish state will need to answer to the United States," the unnamed source said.

But it's not just Republican members of Congress who are upset by the new U.S. position on Jewish settlements.

Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz also opposes the U.N. resolution and the United States' abstaining from a veto, which allowed the rule to pass.

“I condemn in the strongest of terms the United Nations Security Council's passage of this one-sided, anti-Israel resolution, as well as the United States' reckless abstention,” Wasserman Schultz, who is from Florida, said, according to the Sunshine State News.

"It is baffling and unacceptable that the Obama administration would abstain on this blatant attempt to internationalize this conflict and perpetuate the U.N.'s atrocious and biased record against our only true and dependable ally in the Middle East, the state of Israel," Wasserman Schultz added.

"Simply put, today's vote did nothing to bring us any closer to a lasting peace. Instead, it has accomplished just the opposite," she said.

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