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Celebrities, politicians gather on eve of inauguration to protest Trump

On the evening before Trump's inauguration, Alec Baldwin appears outside Trump International Hotel & Tower near Columbus Circle to stand united and make clear to President-elect Trump and Congress that New York City will protect the rights of residents. (Getty Images/Erik McGregor)

NEW YORK — And live from New York it's Alec Baldwin — and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), actor Robert de Niro and singer Cher.

Celebrities, politicians and activists gathered outside Trump International Hotel in Manhattan on the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration to decry the president-elect and call for the nation to stand up for minorities. The Rev. Al Sharpton, actress Sally Field, actor Mark Ruffalo, actress Cynthia Nixon and filmmaker Michael Moore attended and spoke at the "We Stand United" rally.

"As bad as we think it's going to be, it's going to be worse," Moore said. "That's the truth, my friends. I'm sorry to have to begin on such a depressing note. But here is the good news: the good news is there's more of us than there are of them."

Moore repeated "we are the majority" and "don't give up" to the anti-Trump crowd. Moore also encouraged those to join the "100 Days of Resistance" to Trump's presidency, which includes calling lawmakers daily to push for opposition to certain Cabinet nominees.

"It's a dangerous combination — a narcissist and a public official," Moore said, speculating that "Trump will not last his full term in the White House. "

Moore encouraged people to make fun of Trump as he said that is his "Achilles heel."

And Baldwin did just that Thursday night as he brought his famous "Saturday Night Live" impersonation of Trump to the rally, much to the delight of the hundreds gathered outside in the evening chill.

"I just want to say, I've been standing out here in the freezing cold for a long time, and I have to go to the bathroom, I have to pee," Baldwin said in his impersonation. "But I'm holding it in, I'm holding it in, I'm not going to pee. I'm going to a function at the Russian consulate tonight. I'm going to hold it in until I get there. And then when I get to the Russian consulate, I'm going to have a really long pee."

But as himself, Baldwin's jabs at Trump's administration were not subtle or implied.

"Donald Trump and Steve Bannon and Mike Pence and all those people that are part of Trump's administration, they think that you're going to lay down," Baldwin said. "One thing they don't realize is that New Yorkers never lay down. You say whatever you want to about this city, and New Yorkers never lay down. Are you going to fight? Are we going to have 100 days resistance?"

Cher told those at the protest that she "understood" why "people were so desperate to pick this man, this unbelievable narcissist who could change the face of our world if we let him."

"You must never give up because the thing that will help us and get us through this is anger," she said. "Otherwise, we'll be in sadness and depression."

Nixon, who starred in the popular "Sex and the City" series, spoke of LGBT issues and contended that no matter who is in the White House, Americans would protect the rights of the community.

"We are here, we are queer and we have no fear," she said. "And to those of you who are in the crowd who are not queer, who are Muslim, who are African American, who are Latino, who are women, who are straight, white males, we want to say to you the LGBT community has got your back."

And de Blasio encouraged New Yorkers to "build a movement" just as Trump did.

"Tomorrow there will be a peaceful transfer of power. Tomorrow Donald Trump will have power, but, tomorrow you will have power as well," de Blasio told his city. "Donald Trump may control the agenda in Washington, but we control our destiny as Americans."

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