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CNN's Jeffrey Lord bewilders everyone with bizarre 'bleeding' argument against NAFTA

Jeffrey Lord appears on CNN. Image Source: YouTube.

CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord offered a terribly bizarre reason to oppose NAFTA on Monday night, one that visibly bewildered host Anderson Cooper and befuddled his interlocutor, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.

Lord told this bizarre story in order to explain how NAFTA was making life difficult for a dry cleaner he had met, causing him to vote for President Donald Trump.

Here is a guy who is asked to clean ladies' garments. And they bleed. Which costs him money because he has to pay for the garment. The reason they bleed is because they don't come in to this country with the standards. Because of NAFTA. That's part of the problem here in other words what we've got is a disconnect between people who are operating in theory in Washington, and people who are on the ground living the results. It's very unpopular, and I can only tell you that the dry cleaner voted for Trump!

Online reaction was immediate and perplexed:

After the show, when Lord was contacted to elaborate on his comments, he was shocked that people were interpreting his words in a salacious way. He explained, "the dry cleaner said he was for Trump because NAFTA cost him money.... and he specifically cited the problem of women's clothing "bleeding" when dry cleaned because the clothing came from foreign companies that had different standards."

Jeff finished the email response saying, "This is an EXACT example of anti-Trump media at work. Oh my."

President Trump has already announced that the United States will be withdrawing from the TPP trade agreement, and if he follows through on his campaign promises, NAFTA should be next on the chopping block.

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