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Whoopi Goldberg tells the 'Women's March' it was wrong to ban pro-lifers

Whoopi Goldberg on CNN. Image Source: Twitter video.

Even the far left actress Whoopi Goldberg had to admit that it was a bad idea when the "Women's March" against President Trump's inauguration banned pro-life groups from joining the demonstration.

The controversy began when pro-life organizers who wanted to join the massive protest against Trump were told that they could not participate because their values were not in line with the demonstration. Eventually some pro-life advocates joined the protest anyway, and were rewarded with violence by the other marchers.

She made her comments while talking to Van Jones on CNN Wednesday evening.

Goldberg seemed to attempt to explain away the controversy, saying, "People who organized this never specifically said 'this is just, this is for you and this is for you.'" She continued, "Y'know once you get too many people involved, everybody says 'well you can't come in, you can't come in,' but from what I understand... that was not true of the organizers."

But finally she acknowledged, "yes it was a mistake because this was about women marching."

The march was considered one of the largest in Washington D.C., but was upstaged by President Trump's administration and its battles with the press.

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