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One soldier's refugee story: 'Lost one brother, and got another one back

Capt. George Morris, right, foreground, and Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, center, speak through an interpreter to an Iraqi chicken farmer, left, in a once-violent stretch of farm country south of Baghdad on July 15, 2008. (AP Photo/Robert Burns)

As the debate about President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban — with a specific emphasis on Iraqi nationals — continues to rage, one American soldier recounted his personal refugee story Saturday on Twitter in a heartbreaking and humbling series of tweets about his time in Iraq working with a 16-year-old interpreter named Brahim.

The story sheds some light on why the ban on all Iraqis — and indeed other foreign nationals from the Middle East who worked for the American military and were promised visas in return — is a more complex issue than just a simple ban to shore up the vetting process. Many of these individuals are vetted more thoroughly than those who simply travel to the U.S. seeking asylum. And the bonds they form with American soldiers they work alongside is often a close and meaningful one, as this soldier's story details.

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