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Liberal director blasts Trump on climate: 'We’re the biggest freakin’ idiot civilization in history\

Filmmaker and environmentalist James Cameron (Image source: YouTube screen cap)

Famed filmmaker James Cameron ("Titanic," "Avatar" et al.) was asked in an interview with the Daily Beast if he's worried about the environment now that Republican President Donald Trump is in office — since Trump's "a climate change denier who’s a fan of big oil," the outlet noted.

Cameron — who said the climate is his top activism issue — replied that "we sort of spotted the iceberg ahead of us and we called out the order to turn, and we’ve been slowly, slowly, slowly trying to turn this big-ass ship to not hit the iceberg, and then Trump grabbed the tiller and just plunged it right back at the center of the iceberg."

So, yes, he said he's worried.

"I’m like anyone of good conscience and reasonable intelligence," Cameron continued. "I think we’re the biggest freakin’ idiot civilization in history right now, and they’ll probably be talking about us 4,000 years from now scratching their heads — like they talk about Atlantis. 'Who are those guys? What did they do to piss off the gods so much that they’re buried under a hundred feet of mud right now?'"

Cameron also criticized the fledgling Trump administration in general, saying the "dialogue coming out of these guys sounds like George Orwell," which is making for an "upside-down world right now."

"These people are insane," he added. "But I’m keeping my head down, doing the stuff that I thought I would be doing if Hillary was elected. I’m making my Avatar films, I’m doing my climate work, I’m doing my sustainable agriculture work. You can only do what you can do."

(H/T: The Washington Times)

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