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Trump-hating celeb asks if spray-painted symbols are 'an attempt at swastikas.' Oops.

Sarah Silverman (Image source: YouTube)

Fresh off her headline-grabbing pronouncement that a military coup should be staged against Republican President Donald Trump, controversial comedienne Sarah Silverman hit Twitter Sunday with another jaw-dropping post.

"Walking to get coffee saw these all over a sidewalk in the town I'm in," the left-wing celeb posted. "Is this an attempt at swastikas? Do neo nazis not have google?"

Apparently Silverman didn't use Google herself, or else she would have quickly realized the rather familiar symbols were utility markings.

Something other folks on Twitter were keen to point out — rather unsympathetically:

Undeterred, Silverman left her post up for the world to mock — and actually defended it:

"It's a construction marker. Innocent mistake for a Jew that gets 'burn in an oven!' at least weekly on twitter," she posted later. "Still pretty close though."

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