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Lindsay Lohan stands up for Trump: ‘We have to join him’

Actress Lindsay Lohan (Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Actress Lindsay Lohan is asking people to take it easy on President Donald Trump.

"I think always in the public eye you’re going to get scrutinized," she said during a Facebook Live Q&A session with the Daily Mail. "He is the president — we have to join him. If you can’t beat him, join him."

Lohan also urged the president to aid Syrian refugees, who are fleeing civil war and were temporarily blocked from entering the U.S. under the White House's executive order freezing the refugee resettlement program. That order was shot down by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last week.

"I want to try to get the word out to Donald Trump to bring him over here, have him see all the positive things they are doing over there and all American can do to help as well," Lohan said.

In January, Lohan met with Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, whose country has accepted some 2.8 million Syrian refugees, according to the United Nations refugee agency. Turkey, which neighbors Syria, has an "open door" refugee policy for those facing an "imminent threat" of persecution, CNN reported.


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"I think it would be a positive thing for America to show their care and support, and for [Trump] to experience what it’s like for these people ... [who] experience how giving Turkey has been to the refugees and how many they have welcomed in," Lohan said. "Erdogan has a very big heart, and his country stands by him."

"I think we all need to unite like that," she added.

The movie star also told the Daily Mail that, while she has not yet converted to Islam, she is considering doing so.

"I’ve studied the Quran for quite some time," she said. "It’s a process to convert to anything. I respect all religions … it’s a beautiful religion, and I am a very spiritual person. … It’s something I’ve been studying. You can’t just convert overnight to a religion."

"Anything’s possible; this is more of a personal journey," she continued. "A lot of different religions and spiritualties appeal to me."

Lohan also told the British outlet was scared to travel to New York because of her interest in the Muslim faith. "I was scared to come here with everything going on because of my personal beliefs," she said.

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