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Man accused of threatening to set homeowner on fire — but victim had just purchased a handgun

Maurilio P. Miranda was arrested for attempted arson and trespass, police said, of a house in Fresno, California. (Image source: Fresno police)

Maurilio P. Miranda was arrested Feb. 8 after breaking 20 windows at a home in Fresno, California, police said, and charged with felony vandalism amounting to $4,300 in damage.

Two days later, the same house was set on fire near the front door, police said, adding that Miranda was believed to be the suspect but was nowhere to be found.

The homeowner wasn't about to let things continue without battling back, however — and he bought security cameras and a semi-automatic handgun, police said.

Sure enough, Miranda showed up at the same house just after 6 a.m. Wednesday, police said.

The victim was inside his house with his family when they saw the 48-year-old Miranda on their video system pouring gasoline from a bottle around the house, police said.

So the homeowner went outside armed with his new gun.

Except police said Miranda tried to toss gasoline on the homeowner and threatened to light the victim on fire, repeatedly flicking a lighter and putting it up to bottle of gasoline.

The homeowner fired one bullet into the ground to try get Miranda to stop, police said, adding that Miranda was running around the perimeter of the house until he picked up a large piece of wood, approached the homeowner and raised the wood as if threatening to strike the victim.

Then the homeowner fired another shot into the ground, police said, warning Miranda he'd have to shoot him if Miranda didn't stop.

Miranda finally gave up, and police arrived to find the homeowner with the gun, which was immediately taken. Miranda was arrested for attempted arson and trespass, police said, and would be charged with attempted assault and for the fire at the victim's house earlier in February.

A Fresno County Jail official on Monday confirmed to TheBlaze that Miranda is still an inmate there. His bail is set at $150,000. A Fresno County Superior Court official on Monday told TheBlaze that Miranda's pre-preliminary court date is set for Friday.

Police said Miranda hasn't given much information about why he "continues to attack" the house in question, adding that he made "some vague claims of having a problem with the prior tenant at the house and he may be under the false belief that the person he has a problem with still resides at the residence."

(H/T: Bearing Arms)

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