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Jorge Ramos says the 'Trump effect' is scaring away illegal aliens
Univision anchor Jorge Ramos cited the "Trump effect" for the reason why illegal border crossings are down in February. "Let me just say that fear is stronger than any wall," Ramos said. "What we are seeing right now is the 'Trump effect.' "(Image Source: Twitter video)

Jorge Ramos says the 'Trump effect' is scaring away illegal aliens

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos believes he has found the explanation for the recent drop in illegal border crossings reported by immigration officials: fear or what he calls the "Trump effect." In an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN Thursday night, Ramos laid out his theory in detail.

"Jorge, the massive drop in border apprehensions last month, the customs border protections says 40 percent, it's down 40 percent, people trying to cross illegally. What do you make of that?" Cooper asked. "Is it possible that the tough talk on illegal immigration by Trump is working, that he deserves credit for that drop?"

"Let me just say that fear is stronger than any wall," Ramos responded. "What we are seeing right now is the 'Trump effect.' " He continued:

These people calling their relatives and their friends, saying, "don't come here, this is not the right moment." So I think it is possible. Really no one wants illegal immigration, not even undocumented immigrants. It is very risky for them. It is better to do it in a legal way.

And the other positive thing is that, I think, many Americans, many people who voted for Donald Trump, they have to understand that there's no invasion. No one is invading the United States. Mexicans aren't invading the United States. The undocumented population has remained stable at about 11 million, for the last decade. So those are the positive things.

However, there is a down side, Ramos said. "The negative is that this is the 'Trump effect,' " he explained. "This is created because of the policies of fear and xenophobia and cruelty. This is because they are deporting people who are not criminals, people who have no criminal record — moms and dads. And that's completely different from what happened in the Obama administration."

Cooper pointed out that the good result of the drop in illegal immigration is that fewer people take the dangerous trek from South America through Mexico and into the United States.

Ramos agreed with the assessment, saying, "Yes, it is a good thing that we don't have more undocumented immigrants coming to this country. There has to be a legal way to do it. They shouldn't risk it."

Border control advocates praised the news from a report by U.S. Customs and Border Protection that illegal border crossings dropping by a staggering 40 percent from January to February. Ramos was a constant critic of Trump as a candidate, and that criticism has continued into Trump's presidency, to the point of being accused by his detractors of crossing the line from journalism into partisan activism on the side of illegal immigrants.

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